19 Jun

Stereolab – Ping Pong






Today, I am at home so I have a freebie which allows me to go for something a bit special.

Stereolab are one of my favourite bands and this is one of my favourite tracks ever. Now, I say that a lot, so much in fact that friends mock me for having a top 10 made up of about 200 tracks. But, if you pushed me, this is going to be in the top few every time. It is also one of my wife’s favourite tracks so it is nice to put something up for her too.

After French Disco and Peng 33, Ping Pong was one of the earliest tracks I heard by Stereolab, that really got me in to them – guess that was around 94. Since then they have continued to release super stuff and while I guess they are well known and even revered in some circles, I would still say they have never got the credit they deserve. Their stuff has always had that motor funk, French pop drive running through it, but they also pull in so many other influences effortlessly, such as northen soul, psych rock. Additionally their willingness to mash those boundaries and rework traditional song structures means that their stuff is always interesting.

Saying all that, I have gone for probably their most straight ahead pop track. It is a French disco pop master class (all be it with Marxist overtones). In fact when people get into what are the best pop songs of all time and start talking about ‘oops I did it again’ nonsense, I get on my high horse and send them here. I still absolutely love this track and I have many great memories from it – if I remember rightly the drummer on the track is Joe Dilworth from the quite heavy, but great band, The Faith Healers who were also on Too Pure with Stereolab. I remember meeting him at a night in Kings Cross and drunkenly telling him how tremendous his drumming was, particularly on this track, and that I thought he looked like Fred Schneider out of the B52s. He looked genuinely frightened and not so pleased about the last comparison. Stereolab also Dj’d at a few nights that we ran years ago and were always really nice which is just great, plus they played tremendous stuff. There were so many other tracks I wanted to post that I am sure I will return to Stereolab in later posts, for now get your pop boots on and hit play.

For more on Stereolab check out their website here: http://www.stereolab.co.uk/news/ This is where I got the picture from

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  1. Bowley says:

    Good stuff. They’ve got an effortless kind of quality – reminds me of bands like the Wannadies and the Super Furrys. Brilliant, without having to try too hard.

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