31 May

Stereolab – Miss Modular

So there I am, driving to work, having a good listen to some stuff that I have loaded on the old usb, when a mix comp that my friend did for me pops up. And what should be on said comp, none other than the outstanding Peng 33 by the truly majestic Stereolab. And that is when It dawned on me, that after doing this blog for a number of years, I think we have only posted one stereolab track, which is quite frankly outrageous.


To be fair the track we posted, is in my opinion, one of the finest tracks of all time – Ping Pong. But I think it's fair to say that Stereloab are one of my favourite bands, and as per the last post, we were lucky enough to have the  Dj for us a couple of times. and while they have received a lot of praise over the years I still believe they are massively undervalued/underrated, what ever you want to call it. Throughout their numerous albums you always knew it was them but they never stopped experimenting and pushing it. 


There are so many tracks I would love to put up and is it came on this morning I should put up Peng 33, which is in itself a fantastic indie pop song, but I am going to go with the French, funk, disco flair of Miss Modular. If you don't know it, I think that description gives you everything you need. Enjoy my friends.



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