02 Dec

Steely Dan – Peg

I didn't listen to one piece of music today, until now. I worked from home, so no commute, but had a pretty manic day where i never got a chance to stick anything on. Don't like days like that. So going to go for a track i heard on my commute yesterday and a track i have been meaning to stick up for a while.

Peg by Steely Dan.

After the awesome Dj Shadow track Aapie stuck up yesterday this could end up being a week of classics. As i have had such little time to check new stuff out that may not be a bad idea. Anyway, back to the track. 

Its a stone bonker classic that was sampled for another classic. Steely Dan don't need any introduction and neither does De La Soul who sampled it brilliantly for their huge track Eye Know. This original is brilliant, bordering on jazz funk, it just rolls along brilliantly via Donald Fagan's keys, superb drumming and guitar riffs and yep, thats Michael McDonald on brilliant backing vocals. A really great track.

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