11 May

Stayce Dylan – The Introduction of Saint Frances

It's been a while since I heard some Hip Hop that really made me sit up and pay attention. It's not that there isn't good hip hop out there, it's just that so much is generic in one way or another. So it was really refreshing when the Atlanta MC Stayce Dylan's  – The Introduction of Saint Frances landed in my inbox.


"The introduction of" is an exotic journey through Dylan's world, challenging the perceptions of those looking in and those around her. The lyrics are tight, intelligent and witty, the punch lines spot on. The delivery is relentless but at the same time as poetic as you'll hear from an MC in this day and age. Sure, there is braggadociousness in there, but there is also subtle messages that you'll pick up on the third or fourth listen, and importantly for me Dylans delivery is soft, almost spoken, you can hear every syllable and even when the heavy delivery hit's there is no strain or stress on her voice, and that in this day and age is important.


The song is constructed in a way that is familiar but interesting, and i guess that brings us into the production by Dylan herself. Eschewing the rampant use of electronic sounding drum machines Dylans beats kick, but sneakily! They are big and spacious, live sounding it's like a live band is behind her, and John Bonham is leading the rhythm section, and the track is balanced really really well, with the eeiryenbsp;piano hook and counter melodies holding up against the lyrics without losing anything.


It's available from Bandcamp as a name your price, check it:



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