18 Mar

Starar – Unbelievable

We have been getting sent quite a bit of stuff recently and much of it is tickling our fancy. Aapie and i both liked this track, but i won the toss to post it up. Subsequently, it got a hammering on my way to work. A bleary eyed drive that was over too soon.

Unbelievable by Starar.

Where to start? I say that because when i listen to this track it reminds me of so many things, but has a distinctive sound of its own, so i never really settle on anything. Thats a good thing you know. The interesting thing (and i am not making this up) is that i wrote that before heading across to read their Bio on Soundcloud where they say pretty much the same thing! 

This is the first time i have come across Starar's work and when i read through the musical touch points they reference themselves (recalling Bon Iver, Volcano Choir, Wildcat! Wildcat!, Sigur Ros and Haim), the last of those i can really hear in this track, but more interestingly the second from last one too. And that is the odd thing, while they hail from the UK, they remind me of the kind of pop that comes out of Scandanavia, the type of alternative pop Aapie and I love. That utilise such warn tones, gorgeous melancholic melodies, little quirks and touches and harmonies. One of the best things about this track is that, while it has gorgeous melodies, the abrupt changes and step up in sound, weight and drums (see 1.39) just keep you off balance and keep things interesting.

Really lovely stuff and you can download it for free. I'm looking forward to what they do next and i'm off to check out their other stuff. Follow the link to their soundcloud page to do the same.


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