08 Jul

Starar – Renegade Heart


Aapie is on a well deserved holiday for a couple of weeks so it’s down to me to hold the fort.

Today has been a long day, a train to London at 6am and I’ve just got back. But it’s been a good day, and as I worked on the train I played through quite a bit of stuff new and old, from Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti, to Beirut, to new stuff like today’s track.

Renegade Heart by Starar.

We have featured this duo before, the lovely Unbelievable. Aapie and I both love this track and have been playing it for a while.. I have finally got my arse in gear to stick it up.

Sonically and melody wise, this track is phenomenal, I love the layers of sound, the rough cuts in and out, the organic sounds chopped up and an absolutely gorgeous vocal. All this is underpinned by a beautiful song. It reminds me of Sufjan Stevens later stuff (who I love) in terms of the melancholy but beautiful melody and the almost crashing together of organic sounds.

I really look forward to their next stuff, as it just gets better and better.


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