03 Mar

Starar – Holding Out For The One

Just a quick one tonight but I wanted to share a lovely track from a band we have featured a few times on the blog, Starar.

Aapie and i both really like their stuff and today’s track ‘Holding Out For The One’ is more of the same. What I really like about their music is that they find a lovely balance between fantastic pop songs and a great sonic sensibility. The production always adds to the beauty/emotion of the track and keeps it a level above the stuff you might normally hear.

This is the same on Holding Out.., for me, it’s got a kind of country/soul pop feel to it. But the multi-tracked vocals and production take it to a slightly different place. Really lovely stuff and what’s more you can download it for free by following the track to SoundCloud. You can also check out their other work there which I would highly recommend you do.

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