28 Jan

Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant

Ah, what a start to the week. A very sick little boy, a trip to the hospital and hell on earth at work… still, at least i get a journey to work where i can chill out and listen to some quality music.

So as you can imagine it was a very mellow start to the week needed today, and i loaded up what i can only describe as a lot of easy listening electronica, and closed my eyes and relaxed waiting for a track that i would blog about today…then this came on and i realised i'd never blogged it. Surprisingly so, i even had to check back through the old posts to see if i was mistaken. The track is:

Space Dimension Controller – The Love Quadrant 

Looking like a healthy Mick Skinner Space Dimension Controller is a certain Belfast based Mr Jack Hammill. There isn't much to say other than his tripped out beats are laced with 10 tons of funk and soul yet somehow sound incredibly ethereal and gentle. 

The Love Quadrant is from the 2009 EP of the same name, on Kinnego Records, backed with the equally awesome "Electropod-250 Collission", which is a bit more deep house than the prince-esq Love Quadrant (check those cheesy Barry white vocals).

Anyway, i'm tired and it's already been a long week so i'll leave you to enjoy a superb track.

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