02 Oct

Souls of Mischief – What a way to go out (Gummy Soul Remix)

A few weeks ago i was put onto this remix project of the legendary Souls of Mischief's 93 til infinity Album by the Turntablist Broke, and it's not left my Nexus since. 

Remixing something as big a deal as "93 til Infinity" is quite a daunting task but it's been carried off well for the most part, but for me the standout remix is the rework of  "What a way to go out"

It was always one of my favourite tracks on the album anyway, i thought the lyrics funny and the beat was brilliant, and Gummy Soul has taken it in a different direction on the beat and sample side of things without losing the feeling of the original.

I don't know much about Gummy Soul. I mean I know about the label and about Wally Clarke the DJ behind it all, but i'm a bit un-sighted on all the finer details of who does what in the collective. But they've done a few of these type of mashup remix Albums with their brilliant Fela Soul combining De la Soul and Fela Kutie.

Anyway, it's a great album and it's free to download for the price of an e-mail, grab it.

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