11 Jul

Sorcerer – Video Magic

It's always a bit of a heart in the mouth moment when an artist you love releases new music, so having loved White Magic and Neon Leon by Sorcerer (as well as the more recent release on Catune and A Kind of Presence) I was keen to hear how his new material on new label Real Balearic (Their second release after the brilliant re-issue/mixes of Jose Padilla's legendary Elixir


I needn't have worried because Dan Judd has again turned out a wonderfully dreamy mid-tempo guitar led slice of sun drench Balearic beauty. The Guitar is the key, as in most of Judds work. It's the glue that binds everything together and signifies it's another Sorcerer piece of magic (pun intended). 


Awash in melodies and chords the tracks about as musical as Electronica gets, but strangely though, it's the Chris Coco rework (featured) of the track that's really doing it for me, the heavier more dance oriented beats seem to drive the track along at a slightly better pace. That's not to say the original isn't absolutely brilliant, it is, but it's for a different point in the evening.


Either way it's a magical chunk of the type of slo-mo dance music I've long been a fan. Gandalf himself would be proud.


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