13 Mar

Sorcerer – Pineapple

You may have noticed we had some issues with the website the last few days, but we're back up and running now, so i'm gonna get in early and start the week off with a cracking piece of feel good disco tinged electronica from Sorcerer, Pineapple.


I've always found sorcerer an interesting artist, the mix of live guitar and electronic production is obviously nothing new and the sound is often lumped in the new Balearic sound but Daniel Judds music genuinely transcends that tired old cliche. Yes, it conjures up images of sun sea, but I think it genuinely carries a West Coast California feel, be that the guitars, or the disco feel to it, either way the wonderful melodic lo-fi sound of it is one that resonates deeply with me and Pineapple is another example of that.


A wonderfully simple sounding guitar hook, and nice swinging funky beat and bass, and DX keys sitting deep in the mix. Glorious, the only problem is that as far as i'm aware it never got a release (booooh!)


Long been a fan of Sorcerer, ever since White Magic on Turk but Daniel Judd has a whole host of other identities that are equally worth checking out, Windsurf with Hatchback is a great little project that's really produced some gems, but it’s always Sorcerer that brings me back to his work, It’s definitely worth checking out more of his output.


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