17 Jun

Sophomore – Duck and Cover

One of the most difficult things in electronic music is to make it sound natural, less rigid in feel. I guess the word I'm searching for is more organic. It's a strange word to use, but for me music in it's best form does evolve and grow.


Shedding the feel of that grid, the preciseness of the computer is no easy feat, and that's why analog or outboard gear is so essential in the creating truly unique electronica, and today’s choice Sophomore’s “Duck and Cover” is a lovely example of this.


The arpeggiated melodies that evolve and grow as the track moves and ebbs and builds, that are then countered with short plucked synth melodies. The slow struggling swing of the beat, it's just all got a wonderfully natural feel to it, which makes perfect sense when you understand that Sophmore's tracks are all created in one take.


Sophomore is the alias for Olle Andersson an emerging Gothenburg based experimental electronic artist. Duck & Cover is probably the easiest jumping on point, but do check out the rest of his work on Soundcloud, 03 is a wonderful improved piece of guitar laden melancholia, and Orbit the most recent release is a bright piece of hopeful Ambient. 


It’s also really nice to see an artist working across multiple mediums, with found footage videos composed for the tracks that capture the mood and feel perfectly.


Also the tracks are all free to download so get in there and enjoy.


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