02 Feb

SØNIN – Polarity

SØNIN may be new to the mighty Youth Control label, but he comes with a fair old pedigree and years of experience behind him – cutting his teeth in the Gabber and scene he's shown a chameleon-eqsue ability to mutate his production to whatever he decides to lend himself to, be it Deep Nordic House to Indie Disco. Now finding a home on Youth Control he drops a two-track EP, All of my Teenage Crimes and Polarity. 


Let's cut to the chase, it's an extremely strong EP, with both tracks adopting a mesmerising loop driven approach cycling around an arpeggiated analogue line All my Teenage Crimes is more epic in sound, big soaring pads and a dreamy ghost-like vocal, it's a stunning piece of pop-tinged house. We'd expect no less form Youth Control, but it's actually Polarity that really grabbed my attention.


A slow-burning acid-tinged deep house number, it builds solidly over the course of the 6 minute run time, constantly layering up till the energy of the track is almost overwhelming. The filter open and close is used to melodic effect continually changing the melody in time with drum builds and rises to keep the tempo and pace fo the track up and constantly interesting – so often a loopy acid track can lose you midway but Polarity does no such thing, there is just enough change int he track to keep it continually familiar yet never the same.


It's pure dancefloor mayhem, out now, grab it. 


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