06 Dec

Son Of Sound – New York Iz All I Know (Aroop Roy Remix)

Londons Delusions of Grandeur has long been one of my go-to labels releasing some of the best deep house of the last decade (even though they only started in 2009). Artists like the Revenge, Manuel Tur, deep Space orchestra and 6th Borough Project have all graced the label at various stages. Chopped disco, deep stripped back fidgeting tech house works outs? You think of it they've featured it.


Ok, so the labels got pedigree, but what about Son of Sound? Well, this is where things get interesting if you don't know, Son of Sound is Henry Maldonado. If that name doesn't mean much to you then consider his aliases Rhythm Section, House 2 House and Deja Vu. The guy is a bonafide legend in the world of house music.


So stick one of the best labels of the last 10 years and one of the best producers in the house music together? You would hope it's going to be good and the no Loitering Ep doesn't disappoint.


Certainly the stand out track for me on the EP is "NY iz all I Know", locking in a mesmeric groove over a tough drum track that brings energy to and structure to what is essentially a two-bar loop before the detuned DX style synth chords float up into the mix and the entire track switches up into an electro bass work out for the last three minutes. The track is quite raw in feel but I'm a big fan of tracks that end or go somewhere different to where they start and this is a lovely example of that.


The EP also carries a remix by Aroop Roy who strips the track and adds slightly more polish, structure, and a slightly more boogie orientated bassline. I'm featuring that as the main track purely because the sound quality of the link is better, but both versions are boss and work for different dancefloors. 


TLDR? It's an interesting and superb track. Go grab it (out on the 8th).



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