29 Feb

soHo808 – Get Up Disco





I’ve been a fan of the Dikso label for a while now (I say you can’t argue with a label that can count Ooft!, Duff Disco, Larse and New Yorks soHo808 amongst their artists), and i love that they’ve somehow managed to toe the line between cheesy and cool with a lot of their releases straddling genres and sitting neatly in the Deep House/Edits/Nu_Disco/Big Room house categories all at the same time.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, especially when I remember this is the label that was responsible for inflicting the Marmite moment that was last year’s festival smashing  Roberto Rodriguez remix of Corona’s “Ryhthm of the Night” (under his Manolo identity), and another big track from last year that I think people either loved or hated was soHo808 – Get Up Disco.

Obviously, as I’ve chosen to blog it, I fall in the “loved it” category. It came out last summer and I picked it up at the time and absolutely rinsed it. Over the last few months it had been consigned to the “good but now I’ve had enough” folder on my hard drive, but I’ve been drawn back in by it lately as I’ve recently used it on a guest mix I’ve just delivered for a radio show (it actually didn’t make it into the mix – but I was completely captivated by it again) and have been listening to it nonstop.

It’s a lovely sleazy yet soulful slo-mo burner with a simple melody, counterpointed perfectly by the looped vocal (it does drop into a verse but it’s the looped vocal that carries it along) and an on the beat walking bass line. It’s popped up in a lot of dj’s playlists from last year, appearing on Jamie Jones Fabric 59 mix, and rightly so as. For me it’s one of those tracks that when you hear it drop it makes you go “YESSSSS!” and never last long enough.

I would also point out that every time I play it my baby son starts to Bounce up and down, claps his hands and yells along to it – and if that isn’t’ a good enough recommendation to go out and pick it up then I don’t know what is.

Incidentally if you like this track then do check out Dikso’s other stuff, as I said it veers from deep house to big room house but never seems to go too commercial, they also run a cracking little blog in: http://dikso.blogspot.com/ full of their release and mixes to grab so make sure you have a look as it’s a veritable gold mine.


Playlist Wednesday February 29th 2012

There wasn’t much chance to listen to music on my journey in today, as I traveled to work with my partner and our son pretty much all the way to work. As enjoyable as that was, it was still nice to get a couple of tunes in before I hit the office. So as I left my family to continue their journey without me, I quickly dialed in the awesome Late Night Tuff Guy track “Baby… you fooled around” to put a bit of pep in my step. If you don’t know, it’s a cheeky re-edit of Sister Sledges “You fooled around” check it out if you can, it’s a gem. As I literally only had time for two tracks I also quickly listened to my current favourite track soHo808 – Get up Disco (see above).

And that was it, at my desk in the thick of it, waiting for the clock to hit home time again.

Playlist: Late Night Tuff Guy – Baby…. You fooled around, soHo808 – Get up Disco.

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