20 Nov

Sniff ‘n the tears – Driver’s seat

I had a day a day off today, so i'm again going with a pick me up freebie, Sniff 'n the tears – Driver's Seat.


Most people will know we like a bit of late 70's/early 80's nostalgia around here, it's not surprising as both fourbears jr and myself were just starting to listen to music around then (think I was 7 when this came out), so it's often a period we identify with on here be it old or new music.


Surprisingly Drivers Seat whilst a big hit for the band wasn't a hit in their home UK, but it's a track that many people love, and has appeared in many TV's shows etc… the two most notable examples are Walking Dead 18 Miles and in the Paul Thomas Anderson Boogie Nights film.


Like a lot of music i like it's all about how the track builds, with the clean guitar riff, followed by the heavy drum beat, the rhodes keys and the lush moog effects and solo. But it's the harmonisaton on the vocal arrangement  that I really love


Not going to make this a long one as it's juts a track i like, but there is an extended/12" version that is boss as well, and well worth checking out. 


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