20 Oct

Snacks – Matinee

Just a quick one tonight but oh it's a track that makes me so happy. I was going through some new tracks on my Soundcloud feed when I came across this absolute beauty on the excellent House Of Disco label.


i think the label and some artists who have appeared on it (satin jackets) have been covered on the blog and this is a track from a recent ep by Snacks. The whole ep is good (the lead track is an absolute barn stormer) but my word the track I have plumped for is awesome. It is top draw nu-disco house. It starts full of a treble loop, some keys build, some horns and then the bass drops in and we are in full on disco kicks mode. Absolutely storming stuff. Have literally been driving like a loon listening to this on my way to work. Get the whole ep if you can, it is ace.

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