10 May

Small Magic Hats – Happy Jazz





I love Bleep.com. I don’t always manage to stay up to date with the new music they are either putting out or promoting through their store, but when I do pay a visit or check out their newsletters I always find some beauties. Recently I purchased the ‘Filtered’ album (mentioned very briefly in a post last week) which is a conclusion to a project Bleep started last year in conjunction with a number of other partners such as Warp Records and Soundcloud. The aim of the project: to trawl through undiscovered music makers across the many genres in existence today and give them some coverage. The final output – a simply superb comp of electronic music from start to finish…a couple of artists such as ImagineIAM I have actually heard of or have the odd track by but most are very new to me indeed. Whatever you are in to: ambient soundcapes, to storming breakbeats, to chopped up electronic hip hop, you will not be disappointed.

Ahhhhhhhhhh….picking a track to focus on is ridiculously difficult. I was all set to plump for Move by Gidi which is an absolutely awesome track – a drum heavy, deep, busted up beauty that (as I am an old git) reminds me of old school tracks like Papa New Guinea by Future Sound Of London and Babylon by Meat Beat Manifesto, but brought bang up to date. But my love of all things melodic made me change course when the truly beautiful, off kilter house of ‘Happy Jazz’ by Super Magic Hats came on – plus that is a great name. My vocabulary is not sufficient to explain how good this track is. Have a listen and see.

Getting the album will be the best £6.99 you ever spend. You can get it here and read more about the project https://bleep.com/stream/filtered+compilation


Playlist Thursday 10th May 2012

So, after staying in London last night, my commute was a short DLR ride to work. Feeling slightly rough, not from too much drink, but from eating my body weight in Mexican food (awesome stuff) it was nice to get out of the hotel and into the fresh air. A grey day but a really nice temperature and the rain held off as I made the short stroll to the DLR.

It was an early start and I wanted something to ease me in; something that I could put on, leave and get into. So on went the Filtered comp. Perfect and got me to just the right side of awake and happy as I hit work.

Playlist: Various Artists – Filtered Compilation

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