22 Sep

Slipmat Brothers & Penpals – Grade A

As I said before, we have been getting sent some great stuff and tonight is more of the same. I have been checking out the album today's track is from (Made for the underground) as I cruise to work. It's a really nice temp in Malta at the moment and this is perfect stuff to stick the sunglasses on and nod your head to (while looking weird and middle aged).


Slipmat Brothers hail from Edinburgh and Penpals from Brooklyn. We are talking old school rap here in the vein of ugly duckling, but a bit more raw. damn, it's good to hear hip hop like this. The track I have gone for, Grade A, is a superb example of this – a cracking beat, some lovely straight up cutting and some lovely flows and rhymes. All the tracks are great so follow the link through to soundcloud and you can check them out.

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