27 Feb

Slave – Let’s Spend Some Time

SlaveSo, as much as I adore getting new music, every now and then I love burrowing into the crates and extracting some old music that reconnects me with miscellaneous moments in my past. Like most people I have a few differing playlists on my MP3 player and decided to listen to some soul and funk on my way to the office. It would have been child’s play to pick any number of tracks but the track that leapt out at me and I kept returning to was:

Slave – Let's Spend Some Time

In many ways my friends and I were pretty lucky as teenagers. Growing up in Essex we had a good culture of local nights and DJ’s who could pretty much play what they felt like; Soul, Funk, Disco and Hip Hop were the main stays at pretty much every night myself and my mates went to, and for the most part and it lead to a really good musical education.

A staple in all of our listening was Steve Washington and his many projects, including Slave and Aurra. "Let's spend some Time" is one of my favourite tracks by them, and lord knows they did a lot of great tracks, "Just a touch of love" and "Watching you" in particular, and worked with so many other artists as well. But I just love the Melancholic (surprise) nature of the track and Starlena Youngs vocals are soaring, soulful and heart wrenching. The backing track is as tight as you’d expect with a band like Slave.

Check it out I think you’ll like it a lot

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