04 Feb

Six Pack feat Nicki D, Rah Digga, Paula Perry, Heather B, Bahmadia and Precious P

Six Pack

I said i wanted to feature a bit more Hip Hop and I'm going to stick with that idea today with todays choice: Six Pack feat Nicki D, Rah Digga, Paula Perry, Heather B, Bahmadia and Precious P

Hip Hop is a very male dominated genre, for obvious reasons, it's aggresive for a start, and it's rare for a female MC to hold their own and normally it's because they are quirky ala Princess Superstar and he likes. What's extremely rare is to get a female MC really holding their own with flow, aggression and punch lines and clique chorus. Which is why I love this track six female MC's absolutely ripping it in a pass the mic posse style over a fast thumping beat…

The track is a bit of an anomaly I picked it up on the LP The art of Emceeing, but it's not really credited to any one MC, some people credit it to Nicki D and some Paula Perry. It originally came out on Funkmaster Flex's Bud's imprint and even then it was billed purely as "Six Pack feat".

I knew of three of the MC's before this track Paula Perry (for her Track Extra Extra), Bahmadia's lazy flow (from uknowhowedu, 3 the hard way and Rugged Ruff, and her work with Roni Size and Cut Killer) and Rah Digga (from her appearances on Busta Rhymes many Flip Mode squads projects and the amazing solo track "Tight" and "This ain't no little kid rap" – if you haven't heard these check them out they are pure hip hop). The other MC's i hadn't heard of but they absolutely hold their own on the track and it stands up against any other Posse based track I've heard.

Their is no producer info (I wonder if it's Flex as he did a few tracks "feat" specific MC's) but it is amazingly tough. The sample reminds me of the theme form "The taking of Pelham 123", which is a cracking bit of music. The beats are clean and for a hip hop track it's fast, which just lets the MC's rip at quite a natural pace and keeps it moving quickly – no MC is around too long and every single one delivers a great verse that (if you are into Hip Hop with great MC's) leaves you wanting more, as does the whole track.


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