21 Aug

Situation 2wo – If You Can’t Sleep (Scope Miami Dub)

It's funny how things work out. I've been listening to almost exclusively new music over the last few days then this morning as i'm schlepping across Paris, and the sun is glazing the Eiffel Tower and the distant skyline this bad boy comes on and from there it was a simple decision as to what to blog today.

Situation 2wo – If You Can't Sleep (Scope Miami Dub)

It's just a straight up amazing deep house groover. Heavier drums than your average house track get proceedings under way chopping in and until the filtered stabs hit…. ah you know what? I'm not even going to bother trying to explain it today, it's just a bloody great kick ass deep house track, that when the main groove hits always, and i mean always puts a massive grin on my face.

It's honestly one of those tracks, for me at least, where I can listen to it over and over without getting bored of it, it's worked in clubs and bars and I've never not seen people go loopy to it.

It's old though, 2009 if i recall correctly, the original and Soul Mekanik mixes coming out way back in 2003, i think this Scope remix was part of a remix package for a new label… Miami based Dutchie Music. anyway, it doesn’t matter it’s cracking, enjoy…

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