27 Jun

Sister Sledge – You Fooled Around






Double Post? Call the Police!!!

I always feel a bit of a cheat when I post a DJ mix so i decided to back todays Disco Mix up with one of my favourite ever songs (I know you hear that around here a lot but we have a lot of them – what can i say?).

Sister Sledge – You Fooled Around.

I'm a huge fan of Chic, but if I'm truly honest I actually prefer when they worked with other people. Prime example being Carly Simon – Why, Diana Ross on the "Diana" album and Sister Sledge on their albums "We are Family" and "Love Somebody Today" from which todays track is taken. I think it's because I never really liked the vocalists within Chic. Not that they were bad, but for me the better vocalist was always the lead singer from Sister Sledge, Kim Sledge, and the groups vocal harmonies and arrangements were always more striking than Chics as Chic.

I've often said Disco is a very melancholy music, and Chic are a perfect example of why i think this. For example "Thinking of you" whilst one of the best love songs ever and swamped with joyous lyrics has an incredible feeling of sadness around its music (for example listen to the second verse and how Kim's voice cracks on the opening line – that's pure emotion and while happy always brings a lump to my throat and a tear to the eye). It's happy, but it's sad at the same time.

Baby you fooled around goes the other way, with really sad lyrics delivered with heart breaking vocals over an unbelievably amazing backing track from Edwards & Rogers. Their playing on this is incredible, it's what you expect but stick with it all the way and you'll notice their attention to detail and pure enjoyment in the closing fade when Edwards is filling on the bass – i mean the tracks gone, it's done, it's finished but even on the fade the he is still adding fills and grooving away. It's typical of the depth and detail of their production.

It originally came out in 1979 (I think) and is on their greatest hits collection. The tracks been reworked by a few people, Todd Terje and Late Nite Tuff Guy, and they are great but when it all boils down to it they just aren't the original, so enjoy.


Playlist Wednesday 27th June 2012

Difficult journey today as I wok up to crippling pain in my back. There was only one thing for it, the Late Night Tuff Guy guest mix for Disco Deviance's Pulse Radio Show – I've talked about that elsewhere so won't waste time again. That got me most of the way but as i jumped off the metro I decided I needed to revisit two great tracks I've been enjoying lately. the first, YACHT -Psychic City (Classixx Remix) on DFA and the second Sister Sledge – You Fooled around.

By that stage the Co-Codomal was wearing off and i was thankfully arriving at my desk.

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