12 Apr

sir Was – Falcon

Just a quick one tonight, but it's a fantastic track so I had to stick it up as I have been really playing it to death. And it's from a relatively new artist that we featured a few weeks back, the Gothenbrerg based sir Was.


He is due to release his debut ep on City Slang at the start of June and this is a track from it. Following on from the tremendous a Minor Life, this is a beautiful slice of soulful, indie hip hop with some lovely electronic, field recording elements. He creates a tremendous atmosphere and then the track just rocks along beautifully. It's one of those that once in your head you won't be getting it out too easily. It's been getting a lot of humming air time at my place of work.


Based he'd on his first two tracks I can't wait to here what comes next, fantastic stuff.

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