15 Mar

Sir Was – a Minor Life

Today I am sticking up a truly beautiful track that I have been playing to death, it's hypnotic nature accompanying my hazy, sunny drives to work.


a Minor Life by sir Was. 


I believe this is his first release on the always superb City Slang label for Joel Wästberg, aka sir Was, and what a debut. His bio states he grew up in the tiny village of Frillesås on the western coast of Sweden, had an early career as a jazz saxophonist that led to studying in Gothenburg (where he lives now) and an influential time at the University of Kwasulu-Natal in Durban, South Africa. Fair enough, but to be honest you can hear that mix of backgrounds both international and musical in this one track.


He manages to turn a rolling sample of bag pipes into something truly beautiful that really sets the track off and running, his soft vocal and synths add to the haze but then track kicks in with a beautiful glitch style beat. From here the track has been compared to J Dilla, but I think it is far closer to Prefuse 73. In any case, it doesn't matter, it is an absolutely beautiful track and I can't wait to hear more of his stuff. great video too.

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