26 Jan

Sir Beans OBE & MC Kelz – No more

UK Hip Hop is a bit of an odd one for me, not odd funny haha/weird but odd in that when I hear a really good British MC, or a good British Hip Hop production it really shocks me to sit up and notice it in a way that American hip-hop can't.


It's not a case of I think it's better etc.. it's just somehow it connects with me. Perhaps that's just the accent and the vocabulary, or perhaps having been floating around during the golden ear of British hip hop I just know how hard a struggle it is for the music to get out there. Perhaps I'm just a patriot but the fact is it just hits home.


No More by Sir Beans and Kelz is such a  track, Sir Beans beats kicks in and I'm instantly transported back to '01 or '02 heavy snappy processed drums and then a sickeningly relaxed flow from Kelz fills in the blanks. Sir Beans verse counterpoints Kelz's perfectly and the end result is venomous battle rap that's littered with conscious lyrics.


The Rest of the EP is just as good in itself, Sir Beans OBE's beats, Rhymes and cuts complimenting Kelz rhymes perfectly. It's been out for a while but still blows me away on every listen.



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