14 Oct

Sigma – 79 Mixtape A mix of hip-hop tracks from 1979

I, and the family, are in the middle of moving. Hence posts are a little sporadic from me at the moment, and my listening time is very limited.

So i'm going to make this short and sweet and point you int he direction of a free mixtape i've been bumping for a couple of weeks.

Sigma – 79: A mix of hip-hop tracks from 1979

In a massivley round about way I've known Sigma for a long time, via various tablist message boards – he's the head honcho over at the Digital Vertigo scratch based forum which is home to some of the most talented turntablists on the planet, and also the curator of the wonderful: Sigma Mixes website which is a vertible treasure chest of some of the best mixes out there.

And whilst not a battle DJ Sigma is no slouch on the ones and two's himself, and this mixtape from a couple of years ago is testament to this fact. It's a mix of classic early days Hip Hop (the title of the mix kind of gives it away). 41 tracks, cut, scratched and mixed perfectly – the track list in itself is an education, and i'd love to say i knew them all but i really didn't. 

Whatever, it's a brilliant look back intime, to a period when Hip Hop was still Hip Hop and about fun and escapism more than money and drugs.

You can down load it on Soundcloud but a nice little touch is this Video version that changes label as you listen… showing you exatly what you are listengint o at any given time.

grab it now, and enjoy.

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