21 Jan

Sidwho? – I Do the Night

sidwhoWherever you are reading this from i hope the weather is better than it is here. We’ve got snow, and lots of it. So as I left for work this morning I needed some summery sunshine music to warm the heart and soul and I opted for the brilliant “Sidwho? – i do the night” to start my journey and week off. I’d been talking to a few friends about the Future Classics label of late, and it reminded me to revisit this track as it’s one of the first tracks I heard on the label, and has certainly been a go to track for dj’ing since it came out.

Sidwho? is an Adelaide based DJ and producer, a member of disco cheese-mongers The Swiss and even more interestingly is a member of the mighty Aussie synth-pop uber-group Empire of the Sun, and that shows through in “I do the night” which has an incredibly melancholy sound to it with the plucked melodies and the breathy vocals yet spangly electric sounding synths and drums.

I really like how this track nails it’s intentions to the mast straight away it's straight up beach disco, the drums are light and skippy and the synth chords and melodic counterpoint that roll up in the mix are catchy as hell. A simple walking bass line adds to the happy feeling that oozes from the track and then the dreamy yet somehow sad vocals drift in and you can’t but help tap your fingers and toes along to it with a slight smirk on your face.  

Anyway, it’s just started snowing again so i’ll leave it there and head for home before i’m stranded, but I highly recommend you seek it out, it came out on Future Classics back in 2010 I think, but it’s easy to pick up on any of the major download website.

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