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Below are some websites, artists and record labels we think you should check out. We are in no way affiliated to them and take no responsibility for their content, they are linked here because we like and admire what they do and want to spread the word:


Other Blogs & Websites:

Interesting Blends – sister site to The Walk To Work, featuring occasional music, video and anythign else that takes Aapies fancy.

Mr Trick – a leader in the world of music Digital Marketing, Darrens blog covers everything from music to tech to his horrendously debilitating addiction to guitars.

The Cipher Show Podcast –  brilliant historical Hip Hop interview based podcast. If you have even a passing interest in Hip Hop you must check this website.


Artists & Labels:

Youth Control Records – super house label form Helsinki Finland.

Cosmic Bridge Records – genre defying label run by the legendary Om Unit

Ceiling Demons – ground breaking, Yorkshire based, Alternative UK Hip Hop group.

Keep Up! – one of the most exciting beat based labels around right now. 

Cut Records – incredible Electronica label fom Riga, Latvia

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