15 Feb

Shigeto – Field Trip




Very hard choice of what to blog today as my play list threw up some cracking tunes, but i settled on something new to my collection in Zach Saginaw's "Shigeto" project and the track Field Trip from the Lineage album on Ghostly International.

The music is melodic with both western and eastern influences blending traditional instrument with modern electronica. Real sounding drums (Saginaw's an incredible drummer), circular organ and wind chimes, Rhodes sounding chords and great spacial placement make this one of the most natural sounding contemporary albums I've heard since Rainstick Orchestras “The floating glass Key in the sky”.

As with most things on Ghostly Int there is something in the whole project and it's a fantastic touch that the artwork on the album is based on two photographs one of Saginaws grandfather and one of his great grandfather. This all add's up to what i can only surmise is a biographical work of Saginaws life and family – name checking his child hood in tracks such as Ann Arbor where he grew up and the afore mentioned art work lead me to this conclusion.

The track i want to focus on is "Field Trip". simply put it is a stunning track and has nearly always been given a rewind when it comes on my player. Saginaws drumming is as fantastic as ever a two step rhythm that could be straight out of the 90's UK garage scene if it wasn't for the sheer natural sounds behind it. If it was anyone else I would say "programmed" but I can't make my mind up and knowing him as a drummer with an incredible jazz background I opt for the played option. It holds the track together but doesn't at any point take over it.

The track and album show the kind of diversity in sound one would come to expect from Ghostly, and with labels mates like Mux Mool, Shlohmo and Tycho the label is still one of my favourite beat driven alternative set ups around.

Check it, and as always if you like it please support the artists and buy the music you like, i picked this up on Emusic for not that much, and as mentioned before the full package from Ghostly is incredible and something I'd wish I'd picked up myself.

* photo from Ghostly

Playlist Wednesday 15th February 2012

Todays journey into work was nice and easy, the walk to and from the metro in glorious sunshine and I'm not going to lie, todays playlist was awesome. I could have, in fact wanted to, blog any number of tracks that came up, but in the end restricted myself to the above mentioned Shigeto – Field Trip to start the journey.

From there I decided to forgo shuffle and went for self selecting my tracks, next up was Derrick Carter – Boompty Boomp Theme, then Art Department – I.C.U. Miguel Migs – Winwood sampling Petalpushers was up next followed by two previously blogged tracks in Maceo Plex and Andy Hart. As i stepped out into the Sun the incredible Slowdown by 6th Borough Project hit me (i was so close to blogging this) then to finish the walk i listened to Matsch by I am an Exit.

Playlist: Shigeto – Field Trip, Derrick Carter – Boompty Boomp Theme, Art Department – I.C.U, Miguel Migs – Petal Pushers, Maceo Plex – Can't Leave you, Andy Hart – Tell her you know, 6th Borough Project – Slow Down, I am an EXIT – Matsch

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