22 Apr shannon let the music play

Shannon – Let The Music Play

I've been working my way through a lot of my old music over the last week or so and today i decided it was going to be a trip back to the 80's and I loaded upa  ton of old soul to my Nexus before i left to catch my train. Rufus & Chaka Khan, Gwen Guthrie, The Time, Prince and a bunch of other stuff that i love byt don't always get enough time to listen to and in among all of that was today’s absolute chestnut:

Shannon – Let The Music Play

I have no idea how we've managed to make it nearly three years and not featured this, but i know that for both Fourbearsjr and myself it's an out and out classic that we grew up trying to breakdance to.

The track really should need no introduction, it spawned it's own Genre (Freestyle) and was a track that on a technical level was way ahead of a lot of other dance music of the time. Yeah sure Electro et al was utilising drum machines but as far as i'm aware it was the first track to really use an 808, 303 and the Prophet 5. The unmistakable bassline, the FM piano/bells sound and the synth lead and effects all came from these three instruments that went on to shape the course of dance music over the next 7-8 years.

And here's a fun fact i only found out today, the chorus was apparently sung by the guitarist Jimmi Tunnel. Maybe, maybe not but it's a nice little aside and i reckon that you'll be listening to the chorus a lot closer now than 5 minutes ago.

It's a great song, it's been sampled to death and been interpreted in so many other tracks it's just unbelievable, it certainly had a huge influence on me, and Fourbearsjr, and even though it's been played to death those heavy drums, the bubbling bassline and the chimed melody never fail to get a reaction from me.

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