21 May

Seva K – My Love





I really couldn't decide which track to blog today. I had updated my player with some music I'd been sitting on for a few weeks and subsequently spoilt for choice a lot of stuff got two or three plays. In the end the throwback old school feel good factor of Seva K's "My Love" swung it for me, but it was close.

If truth be told I could find little info on the artist Seva K, or as his friends call him Vsevolod Khalepo. Discogs threw up a few tracks, but not tons of stuff. "My Love" came out on Audio Tonic ( the label based around the famous Dhubai deep house night) but checking their website there is little more to find than a photo of the artist. Their Facebook throws up barely anything and his own Soundcloud, Facebook and MySpace proved equally as unfruitful.

Fortunately the track speaks for itself in that it's pure blissful beach led/tropical house, drenched in melody. Like a lot of good house music it starts out simple enough and revolves around building towards key drop points. The Melody is provided with filtered stabs and a nice arpeggiated FM Bell sound. The bass line is simple but full and the drums are loose and swing nicely. It sits towards the lower end of the BPM spectrum, coming in around 108bpm, but that's no bad thing as I'm a big fan of the pitched down house sound.

But, it all revolves around melody – perfectly illustrated in the Down Town Party Network remix which lifts everything but the melodies out and ups the tempo.

Still, it's the original version as so often is the case that does it for me, and sadly it seems to be going under the radar of a lot of people. It came out last month, April, on Audio Tonic, have a listen and if you like you can get it on Beatport or Juno.

Pure Boat Drinks!


Playlist Monday 21st May 2012

The end of a far too short weekend spent in the garden with my family found me struggling to rise from my bed. Especially when after such a glorious weekend I arose to find rain and a small chill back in the air. Thankfully though the journey into work was relatively easy. Somehow I caught an earlier train, which was empty, as was the Paris Metro which is always nice, and I was able to stretch out, sit back read a book (currently Jeff Lindsay's Dexter is Delicious) and enjoy the country side zooming past at great speed.

A change of music on the player means I'm finally catching up with all the music I had sat on whilst moving, and I'll be honest here and admit I just clicked shuffle on a "new music" playlist and let the player do its job. A few tracks got rewound but that's no bad thing.

Sometimes commuting can actually be enjoyable.

Playlist: 78 Edits – Doing Alright, Late Nite Tuff Guy – I don't like Acid, Acos Coolkas – Solar Wind, Seva K – Falling (Original), Farraux – 13 Assasins, Late Nite Tuff Guy – Show you, Seva K – My Love, Deep & Disco – Knock me Out,

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