26 Sep

Serengeti – Dennehy

Its been a while so i am going to storm back into the fray with a, erm…..quick one 🙂


But what a track. I was introduced to this track a while back by my friend John and it blew me away. Since then I kept meaning to track it down but never got round to it. Finally did it the other day and it has been blasting out of my car pretty much ever since. What i was surprised by was how old this track is, actually dating dating back to 2006.


Serengeti is David Cohn a kind of alt-rapper from Chicago but i think his stuff ranges across a number of genres. Whatever, he does hip hop exceptionally well. The production is gorgeous philly soul style strings that give it a lovely laid back 90’s hip hop feel. But to elevate it to greatness it is paired with the absolutely genius rapping from Cohn. Funny as hell in certain moments virtually every line is quotable referencing umpteen things from Chicago and various other things such as Tom Berenger films and how to cook chops…onions, onions, onions, onions.


After playing this on the way to work it is impossible to head in to work with a frown….But you will have a swagger.



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