14 Oct

Sekuoia – Rayanne (Official Video)

It's been a b*stard of a week, and I've had little time for music and blogging, thankfully i've been getting sent some truly stunning music of late and have decided to roll with Rayanne from Sekuoia, a track i've been sat on for a couple of weeks now, and a track that absolutely needs to be heard.


From the opening arpeggiated synth line the track is mesmerising, building gently to a guitar lead counter melody and then a lovely down tempo snare focused drum beat.


There is no magic formula here, it's just melodic, catchy and produced and engineered wonderfully. 


Plus it's got a lovely video, hard to talk about great music much more than that without it sounding forced, but just trust me this is magnificent and is  aperfect way to start the weekend.


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