30 May

Seelenluft – Manila (Ewan Pearson Remix)

wpid-hqdefault.jpg A couple of my mates have had a pretty rough few weeks, so this one is for them. As soon as it came on in the car this morning it was always going up. Like the DJ T track Philly, that i posted up previously, i first heard this track  via my mate and the Sancho Panza mix and it has also been one of those tracks that have made some of our nights epic. This isn't because we often hear it out, quite the opposite i am not sure that we ever have, but because we have often started chants of the lyrics accompanied by dance moves we created (i shit you not)- sometimes invoking groups of young spanish lads to turn tables into crazed bongo extravaganzas in Bora Bora Ibiza, or, getting Tom Middleton to hand my mate the mic so that he could chant the lyrics to the whole of the club…he himself lobbing his hands in the air when my mate shouted…"so we started to dance"..

And that is what is brilliant about this track – the vocal and lyrics. Yes, the music is ace, but its the words that after all this time still make me nod my head in appreciation. The plane is going to crash….so what did i do…I started to dance, without wearing no seat belt. Genius

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