21 Feb

Sean Hayes – Rattlesnake Charm (Mark Farina remix – Dream Machine)

You are going to have to indulge me tonight, but i promise to keep it short. Its been a bit mad in my house over the last week with my wife giving birth to our second child two weeks early. So no commute for me, but, these times are quite emotional and make you think about many things. It makes me think about how far my wife and i have come and it took me back to this track.

Sean Hayes – Rattlesnake Charm.

Actually, I have put up the Mark Farina remix as I couldn’t find a link for the original and I haven’t got time to stick the track up myself. I actually heard the Farina version first. I was staying at my (to be) wife’s apartment in Warsaw, drifting in and out of sleep when this track came on via Radio Pin and it was like I dreamt it. I tracked it down and also picked up the original. It is a track we both love and the original was actually the first dance at our wedding.

It’s an amazing song. The Farina version is good and pretty well known, but it’s the vocal, the melody, the picked banjo and great lyrics  that give this track something, what that is, is hard to pinpoint, it just is. If you can, check out the original version. It’s mesmerising.

For Maja and Matilda xx

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