03 Dec

Sean Dimitrie & Tonye Aganaba – It Ain’t Easy (Asadinho Remix)

As we always bleat on about, Aapie and I are not the best at getting through the stuff we are sent. So, often, we will post up stuff after it's been around a bit etc. But tonight we have something that its pretty new in the old in box (not sure that makes sense). 


Asadinho's remix of It Ain't Easy. 


I posted up the tremendous Asadinho remix of Crazy P not too long ago and this is more fantastic tuneage. In some ways it's a bit more straight ahead vocal than the last track we posted, but the production is still just as immense. The reverb and slap bass remind me of Maurice Fulton (which is a great thing by the way) and like Fulton it builds and builds, at times more subtly ( percussion builds) and at other times it gives the track a kick just when it needs it (the slap bass dropping in). I particularly love the brass break down with the slap bass bringing it back in. 

I have been listening to it as I write this post, my head hasn't stopped nodding. Loving the work. As an aside, if you get time, check out some of the other remixes from Asadinho on Soundcloud, particularly his tremendous mix of Phoenix's Trying To Be Cool.

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