28 May

Scuba – Curious Paradox

I've had to do quite a bit of travelling lately which means i've had some lovely chunks of time to catch up with bunch of music i've bought over the last month or so. So today is a track that has been getting absolutely hammered on those overly extended commutes as well as my daily grind.

Scuba – Curious Paradox 

Scuba shouldn't really need any introduction, his bass heavy output has been instrumental in shaping the UK bass scene, from dub step to house Paul Rose has long been regarded as one of the UK's most eminent Electronic Musicians. Additionally his label Hotflush has been right at the center, releasing music by Mount Kimbie, Paul Woolford and Joy Orbison to name a few.

The nice thing is though neither his, or the labels, output as been in only one genre, both his and his artists releases have straddled many different styles, which became even more apparent when Rose up sticks and headed off to Berlin taking his label and setting up a close working relationship with the legendary Panorama bar in the process.

Anyway, all that leads me nicely to today choice, a lush as f*ck slice of deep driving 2step beat house. 80's clapper board drums coupled with a deep rumbling bassline means even thought the track is about as dark as it comes there is areal sense of flow and groove behind the track. The FM melodies bring a lovely light counterpoint to the bass and drums and the way they constantly move and breath over the track is utterly sublime. Coming accross as the bastard son of Future Sound of London and Orbital all in all it's just a lovely 80's tinged piece of deep dark tech house.

There is no soundcloud available of the track so, i've featured the mini-promo mix for the EP and the youtube of the track. It's taken from Scubas current EP, Phenix 1, and I've actually been sat on it for a few weeks now, so if you like it it's available at all good music repository.

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