03 Apr Say Lou Lou

Say Lou Lou – Instant Crush

Bank holiday, so no work, which is nice, except i spent the entire day doing "D.I.Y". I've been uploading a lot of my collection to Google Play and to ease myself through the pain of assembling flat packed Furniture and the likes I hit shuffle and let it run.

Which is always nice as you stumble upon things you haven't listened to in months and sometimes years….and in among all of it i got Say Lou Lou's cover of Instant Crush stuck in my head and stuck on repeat.

Say Lou Lou –  Instant Crush

If you were alive in 2013 then you can't have failed to have heard the Daft Punk original, well, everywhere really….it's a nice track but the super annoying vocoder kind of kills it, but underneath all the gloss there is actually a really nice little song, and it really shines through in the Say Lou Lou version.

The track was done as a promo-track for the Scando-Aussie popstresses album (which in itself is pretty good) and was/is available as a download. It's quite a polished, yet epic, version but really it's all about the vocals and it's nice to hear someone pick a lesser known track than the obvious go to "Get Lucky"


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