01 Feb

Satin Jackets – We Can Talk feat Emma Brammer

January was a crazy month, and I've struggled to get the time to listen to as much music as i'd have liked, partly due to work and partly due to my current earphones being one of the worst pairs I've ever owned (still it's my birthday next week so fingers crossed).


But hey, we struggle through, and thankfully some of the music coming out has been good enough that you could listen to it on tin cans and still enjoy it, which is a piss poor way to segue into today’s choice the wonderful Satin Jackets latest offering on Eskimo.


Now as regular readers will know I've long been a fan of Eskimo recordings, they've just go  a great knack for finding perfect dance music orientated pop laced records, and We Can Talk is one of them.


Very much reminds me of late 80's/early 90's house, the kind of work you'd find on Junior Boys own, Ministry of Sound and labels of that ilk before the genre all split up and the various you can's and cannot's all came to pass. The Korg M1 piano riff is as catchy as you will hear, and Emma Brammers lovely soulful vocal is beautifully emotive, and like all good pop songs it's got a sing along chorus that will have everyone pointing and mouthing the words to each other on the dancefloor.


great stuff



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