22 May

Satin Jackets – Only You

satin jacketsWhere did the sun go? From 23-24 degrees to 10 and p*ssing rain!! I feel somewhat cheated. Thankfully though it may be about as summery as January in Siberia outside but the Summer sounds are out in force, getting a drop on that all important Ibiza season. 

Obviously the disco tinged sounds are right up the top of the list but alongside that there's been a nice resurgence in that 80's house sound, polished and soulful and oh so sunny, and one of the tracks that been absolutely doing it for me over the last week or so is:

Satin Jackets – Only You

I've featured Satin Jackets a few times on various posts, and other blogs, and i've always been a big fan of their Big Room NJ style house. Only you is pretty in keeping iwth their other stuff, a nice simple vocal over a catchy, It's quite cheesy but it's really fun, and the production is incredibly clean and polished. 

All the right sounds are there, the Daft Punk-esq filtered pads, the big bouncing bassline, and the plinky plonky house organ/keys. The track has lot's of little builds rather than moving towards one almighty finish, but that makes it all the more dance floor friendly.

I guess the best way to describe it is sunny bar/lounge music. Which i understand may put some people off, but for me is perfect for boat drinks and sunloungers – or a soggy bus ride through the suburbs of Paris

Anyway, It's out on JKrivs superb Deep & Disco Label, and has been getting big support form people like Ashley beedle, The glue and Get Down Edits. i picked it up on emusic, but you can find it on pretty much every download store. The remixes are also excellent (i very nearly feaured the tropical disco of the Rogue Vogue remix). I suggest you track it down if you like it.

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