02 Apr

Satin Jackets – Days like Candy





I’m going to be holding the fort on my own this week and thought I’d take this as an opportunity to cover some of the new music I’d picked up recently. So over the weekend I loaded up my player accordingly and set forth this morning with the intention of listening to all the music I had added. Ironically I then ended up choosing to post a track I picked up last year. Satin Jackets – Days like Candy.

I also think it’s quite different in style to a lot of the music we’ve been covering of late, being more towards the nu-disco end of the deep house spectrum (although I wouldn’t really call it nu-disco), and a track that probably could sit quite comfortably in a Ministry of Sound or Hed Kandi end of year collection. That’s certainly no bad thing in my opinion, but I can understand why some people might baulk at the idea. Essentially it’s soulful disco tinged house which really reminds me of the whole Naked Music vibe that was around early 00’s and for me it’s a real gem.

I have a few things by Satin Jackets and find the production is really crisp, polished and clean on all their tracks, hitting all the right spots.  Oddly though I seldom really go for the title or main track on their EP’s and this is no exception with “Days like Candy” being tucked away as the extra track on the EP.  

It owes  a very definite nod to the 80’s Boogie styles and is pretty simplistic in the sense that the track makes straight forward progressions on the even count bars while the  melody and bass walk upwards. But it all adds up to a really nice uplifting sun drenched track and it’s far from an easy style to truly nail. The instrumentation sounds quite natural, and I like this a lot. At no point do I feel like I’m listening to a heavily processed studio track and I can see this being performed with a decent five piece ala Hot Toddy/Crazy P.  The track is built around a huge organ melody, and a bass line that compliments it perfectly, there are two small samples from Madonna’s “Lucky Star” if I’m not mistaken, and every time a progression in the track is made it never fails to take the track up a level. It’s one of those tracks that just makes me smile and while everyone has been going nuts over the pitched down house sound I like that these guys have nailed it without the R&B smoke and mirrors.

In regards to the group I can’t find a whole lot about them that really makes much sense, there are Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages, and the obligatory Facebook and Twitter page but not that much of substance that really gets into the group. I can tell you they are the result of the collaboration between German Music producer Tim Bernhardt and American producer Nathan Beck, and they’ve got some great credits and remixes behind them. They’ve also just dropped a nice rework of the huge Boobsie Collins by Andi De Luxe and have anew EP out on House of Disco which is rather splendid as well.


Playlist to follow tomorrow…

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