02 Jan

Sasqwax – Herbie Goes Bananas

HGBSo, first things first, a happy new year to all our readers, here's hoping 2013 is a great year for everyone.

Do you have any new years resolutions? I do, actually I have lots, but the one your interested in is the fact we're going to up the anti on the quality for the next 12 months (something I think we're already pretty good at but one must always strive musn't one), and to get things underway that i'm going to start this year exactly how i left last years, with a shit hot Mixtape.

Listening time has been a bit sparse over the festive period so it was kind of nice to sit down on the train again and get some decent music time. I decided to use it to catch up on a mix that has done the rounds over the last two weeks the frankly amazing: Sasqwax's – Herbie Goes Bananas Mix

This is a mix he did for the mighty Ninja Mix Dump website/mix portal and has been bumped repeatedly when I have had the chance.. The Ninja Mix Dump was a project that blossomed out of the Ninjatune Forum and the need to collate all the mixes that sprung up on their. Since it's inception it's grown and for the last three years they have hosted a specific end of year mix, DJ Moneyshot brought 2011 to an end and Pete (aka Saqwax) 2012.

So what of the mix? Well it's pure unadulterated Boom Bap Hip Hop, but before you groan let me just point out it's one of the most creative mixes i've heard in a long long time. Somewhat like The Fakers mixtape from my last post it is a pure production based mix tape. However it differes in that Sasqwax has taken a ton of his fav accappelas (classics by MC's such as Lord Finesse, Aseop Rock, East Flatbush Project and Anti-pop Consortium to name a few) and some classic breaks by Herbie Hancock (hence the Punn title) and some more unkown ones – smashed them up, chopped them into bits and reassembled them into one 30 minute headnodathon that i'm sure if it got more attention would be conisdered a classic mixtape – i mean just check that Wiggle Waggle section.

Anyway, it's really nice for me to listen to and be able to feature this because I've known Pete a long time, despite never actually meeting in real life  we've done some occasional work together and I've always been a massive fan of the his mixtapes (track down his Gut & Baste Mix if you can) and had a huge amount of respect for his production chops – which I honestly think are right up there with some of the all time greats of the sample choppers out there. He's got a huge eclectic knowledge of music and it shows through in his music and mixtapes. 

So without further ado i'm going to let you listen to the mix. Enjoy and lets hope the rest of 2013 can throw up some similar quality gems.

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