10 Dec

Sam & Dave \ Elvis Costello – I Can’t Stand Up For Falling Down

2 for 1 today. My commute was a drive to Sheffield and I stormed into the car with my phone loaded with music to play, turned on the radio and out blasted Elvis Costello’s awesome version of I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down.

So it had to go up. But, we have banged on about great cover versions on this blog (I would put Costello’s version in this bracket) and most people know this version, so I thought I would also put up the original by the classic soul artists Sam & Dave, that I think less people know.

The original is more emotional, darker and has one of the best vocals from one of the best singers in Sam Moore. In contrast the, preppy, poppy ska of Costello’s couldn’t be more different but is also brilliant. Love them both and love the Costello video too – awesome dancing.

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