05 May

Saint Pepsi – Cherry Pepsi

So I've been really listening to a lot of 80's tinged music of late, the Alan Braxe track from the other night touched on the whole Vaporware scene and one of my first encounters with that scene (as such) was the Saint Pepsi LP Hit Vibes, from which today’s post comes.


The thing I really liked about Hit Vibes was that it didnt' try to be anything other than what it was which was just a bunch of chopped up 80's style tracks, i guess it was a natural successor to the whole Slow-Mo Edit and house scene, and it takes all the elements I like from them and builds on that, slow tempo, filtering and chopped up samples. Of course the Scene has moved past that bt certainly with the Saint Pepsi alias Ryan de Robertis (aka Skylar Spence) really explored how far that chopped and screwed disco sound could be taken to.


 The Track I always liked the most on Hit Vibes was Cherry Pepsi, which ultimately is a vocal-less edit of Sister Sledges B.Y.O.B (which in itself is an awesome track). The opening bars are looped, the main chorus is dropped in and its filtered and pushed to it's limit, as I said it's simple but it's great for exactly that.


It came out on Keats Collective Label, and while unfortunately there seems to be no sound cloud streams of the track, I’ve plumped for a really cool video that’s been cut to the tune, and obviously below is the Bandcamp stream.




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