22 Aug

Ryan Elliott – Panorama Bar 06

I'm never sure about posting DJ mixes, it always feels like i'm cheating but occasionally you get a mix that is so good you just have to share it.

Ryan Elliott – Panorama Bar 06

I won't wax on about Panorama Bar, just touch on the fact Elliot is one of the residents there and picks up the batton after outings from Steffi, Cassy, Tama Sumo, Prosumer and Nick Höppner.

The Panorama Bar mixes are straight up deep house and this is no different taking, a 90 minute ride through the many strands the genre takes.. the tempo is relentless, the tempo constant and it's a mix that floats along, perfect for a packed club or a lazy drunk after party.

Plus it's the first time they've made the release free to download: so grab it.

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