20 Aug RPM 2000

Runaways – Summer Vacation

I have a funny story about today's choice. I played this track out once, in a warm up set at a bar/club in Chelsea that we somehow got booked to play. It went down like a lead balloon with everyone except Fourbearsjr and myself who were completely losing it behind the decks…anyway, it came on my playlist today, invoked fond memories and i thought i'd blog it:

Runaways – Summer Vacation

Runaways were Joe 2 Grand and AJ Kwame, who if you know your stuff will recognise as the incredible RPM on MoWax. Anyway, this track, Summer Vacation is basically a chop up of the legendary Joe Sample Track, Melodies of Love, which we've featured here before. It's been sped up, had  a beat added and those cuts… and yeah, it's a massive sample, but it's how i found the Joe Sample Track, and it just really works well.

Anyway, there really isn't much to say about it other than it's superb…I have it on the Classic Tales album but it's on various compilations, the easiest of which to find is Music for Dining in Space: Compiled by DJ Darkhorse


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