23 Dec

Rufus Wainwright – Spotlight On Christmas

So, think this is going to be the last post from Aapie and I this year. No commute this morning, but want to leave you with one of my favourite Christmas songs and wish you all a great Christmas and new year from The Walk To Work.

I love Christmas and i am the sort of person who starts having a cry when certain Christmas songs come on. I was lucky enough to have great Christmases as a kid and they have stayed with me all my life. And while i do like a present, i truly believe the great thing about Christmas is that people should be a little nicer to each other and spend time with the people they love. 

This song by Rufus Wainwright embodies this view and you can hear him share his thoughts on Christmas on the live version that i have shared up, after the original. It is a fantastic song with some fantastic lyrics… "Don't forget what kept them above, is unconditional love"..perfect 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all


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