06 Sep

Ross From Friends – Donny Blew It

Compression is one of those things it can make or break a track, get it right and it's the difference between peoples heads turning and going "what the f*ck is this sh*t?" and people screw facing and going, uhm, "what the f*ck is this sh*t?".


I guess that's why i like "Donny Blew it" because it's just so lo-fi and overly compressed it shouldn't work in anyway,it's hammered into oblivion but everything about the track has you tapping, humming and grooving along. It ebb's it flows, it has a soulful house vibe, with pitching samples and a dirty filthy slow mo style lazy beat, that fidgets along driving the groove along.


"Donny blew It" doesn't seem to have had  a release which is a shame because it's an awesome piece of sample mangling, but do check out his stuff on blog favourite label "Lobster Thermin" (below):



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