19 Jan

Ron Basejam – Heads Together

Did you have a good weekend? I did, nice and chilled and I decided to get on with ripping some old vinyl. One of the tracks that jumped out and got stuck on my Nexus was: 

Ron Basejam – Heads Together

Now, I've always loved the OJ's Put our heads together, and this is a pretty straight forward re-edit fo that, bit of filtering, new drums, added bassline and loads of delay. It's about as simple as it comes, but, it really works.

It takes the main groove, but it's the subtle little changes to the looping that do it, switching from the original groove to a one bar loop and back out again, with the vocal chopped up… it takes all my favourite parts from the original and literally throws them out the window and turns in a dance floor Megaton bomb.

I've always liked Ron Basejams music, it toes the line really well between house and disco never straying too far into one or the other, his  A live in Headphones is a great album, and his remix of Alena changes is utterly brilliant with one of the biggest arse wiggling baselines you'll hear this side



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